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Thanks to everyone who voted for us this year. Once again we had some great success at the awards

WINNER – Beauty therapist of the year (Tegan)

FINALIST – Beauty salon of the year

FINALIST – Massage therapist of the year

FINALIST – Brow artist of the year

FINALIST – Cosmetic practitioner of the year.

Thank you to all the clients, staff and our families for all your votes and support.



We wanted to let you know that from 1st March 2022, we will be having a price increase. Click on the leaflet for more details.




I think it’s fair to say that 2020 has had some sort of effect on everyone one way or another! Keeping healthy both physically and mentally keep our bodies strong and both need to be treated with a balanced approach in order to support each other.

Take for example, when someone injures themselves and perhaps has a broken bone. You wouldn’t hesitate to get this seen to and take care to nurture it back to full health. There are physical symptoms that people can see and therefore it allows socially for others to be compassionate and understanding of your situation. When it comes to mental health, even in today’s crazy world when we are all so much more educated on what we should do to be looking after ourselves mentally there still seems to be a negative stigma attached.

When it comes to looking after your head its important to take time out to do things that you enjoy and have some “Me time”. That being said it still can give negative feelings of guilt and prevent us from indulging in one’s self truly.


When life throws you marbles

Did you know that when you are suffering with stress, anxiety and depression that there is in fact physical changes in your body?

When we suffer from any of the above we have physical changes in our hormones levels which if left untreated can lead to far more serious side affects.

If you think of your head as the top of a marble run which runs down throughout your body to your toes. It steadily and with precision drops one marble to another section and so on. Now imagine if one of the tracks was misaligned, broken, cracked or even snapped off it would affect the way all the marbles travel around the body.

This is what happens when your hormones are not balanced and being evenly diptributes precisely around your system. It can then lead to secondary issues, blockages and the longer we take to fix it the harder and the more there is to repair.

We can help prevent these things from happening by looking after our mental health from the start. Now that doesn’t mean that throughout the years you may not need some extra maintenance to recover from the ups and downs of life, but it does mean you will help yourself heal quicker.

It’s important to find time for yourself to relax. It doesn’t matter what that means for you as long as you enjoy it. Many of our clients come to us regularly to take time out. That could be in the form of a smaller simple treatment or a weekly massage and facial. The results from these treatments don’t just leave you with a physical outcome but also a mental one.


Balancing act

When we take time to look after ourselves it increases our levels of endorphins, Serotonin and Dopamine. These are our happy hormones that give us inspiration, feelings of joy and happiness. It can be incredible to watch someone come into the salon feeling low and anxious and then you can physically see a new person walk out ready to take on the world.

At womankind we are here to help, and we offer a personal, relaxing and non-judgement space for you to come and get away from it all. You can rest assured that everything you tell us in the salon is treated with the strictest confidence and we are here to talk. Equally if you would rather not talk at all that’s also ok.

We will always get you to fill out a consultation form when you come in to make sure we can carry out your treatment safely.

This is also completely confidential. We never judge or share any of this information, Its there to make sure we carry out your service safely and makes sure we do not carry out any services that you could be contra indicated to. If that is ever the case we will help to find you an alternative or try something bespoke.

We are all so lucky that we get to do a job that we love and is very rewarding, The best reward of all is loyal and trusting clients. We go through many journeys with many people and that is special. If your one of a clients then thank you for being part of our journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. If you are not and you would like to come and visit us please get in touch and we will guide you through what will work for you from the inside out.


We look forward to it.

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